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10 Best Traditional Turkish Desserts in Six Categories – 2nd Category is about Puddings

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In my previous post on Turkish desserts, I talked about my own category:  Maras ice cream, and Profiterol – my favorite desserts. When I visit Turkey, I first go through my own category and then work my way through all the other categories and savor every morsel of each dessert I order.  If you want to control your weight, make sure to lose a few pounds before you explore this forbidden land of desserts or make sure to share them with your fellow travelers.  As a third alternative, you may want to reserve an afternoon in Istanbul for dessert mania and order every dessert on the menu at one of the great pastry shops.  Make sure to keep ordering Turkish tea to wash them down so that you won’t get sick.

Now, I will cover my next category:  Category # 2: Puddings.  

My favorite Turkish puddings include:  Tavuk Gogsu (chicken breast!), Kazandibi, Keskul, Asure, Zerde, and Damla Sakizli Muhallebi (Milk Pudding with Mastic Gum).  I leave the rest of the puddings in this category up to you to find out and try when you visit Turkey. Continue reading

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