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Santa's Workshop at Bryant Park

Christmas Time in New York and in a Lovely Town Called Keyport: All About Community

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First New York, one day after Thanksgiving:

Al and I usually take Christmas Day off and visit New York.  It is the day our kids go to their other parents’ homes and we are free.  This year, we did it early.  We went to New York the day after Thanksgiving.  After eating a wonderfully heavy Thanksgiving dinner, it was time for a long walk.  And New York is the place to walk everywhere. 

We take the train to New York Penn Station.  When you walk up the long flight of stairs, you are on 7th Avenue.  We hear singing before we reach the top of the stairs.  To our surprise, instead of the ever ringing bells of the Salvation Army “Christmas Kettle Campaign”  which started in 1891 to collect donations for the needy, we face a singing and dancing quartet of Salvation Army cadets and volunteers. You will love this video taped in 2010 outside of Grand Central Station.  They are very talented cadets. Apparently, this is a grass-roots effort which started a few years ago, got attention on YouTube videos posted by passersby and then spread quickly in New York City.   This is New York! And we love it.  Continue reading

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