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I am going back to Turkey: Now to expand my collection at Pasabahce

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I am going back to Turkey for a couple of weeks.  And this time, not only going to buy my Sultanite stone, but also to buy a dream item from the Pasabahce glass collection.

I usually do not like recommending a specific store in Turkey unless it is unique.  Whenever I go to Turkey, there is one place I always visit and buy a gift for my family and friends, and sometimes for myself.  It is Pasabahce.     Since its founding in 1934 with entirely handmade products, and its expanding into machine production in 1955, Pasabahce has been the symbol of high quality glass making. 

Actually there are many Pasabahce stores in many cities in Turkey. These stores usually have two sections: one part is for great glass and ceramic products for your home ranging from beautiful wine glasses to plates to pitchers to vases.  And I have plenty of them in my house.   The other part of the store is exclusively reserved to display their museum collection and their special glass collection.  They almost make sure that you stare at the display of hand crafted unique items for hours and hours with your mouth open and watering.  Continue reading

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