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Restrooming Through Turkey

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I have read Nuray’s blog for several months now and I see that it is always chock filled with all sorts of information to make travel more interesting and entertaining, definitely tastier and also easier and more convenient.  Leaving your comfy home and charging off as a traveler can take some nerve. But, having someone with experience describe places and explain practices can make travel much less intimidating.

But, when I think about my own concerns about travel, I find a big one that Nuray’s blog has totally ignored, and I appreciate the opportunity to remedy this shortcoming. It is what I will genteelly refer to as “relieving oneself”.

 “What would I do if I’m on a long bus ride and…”

 “Where would I find a place to…”

 “How would I ask where I can…?”

(Nuray’s note:  Asking where is the ‘restroom’/’bathroom’ as it is used in the United States does not work in Turkey.  Use the words “tuvalet nerede?” (for ‘where is the toilet?’) when asking or look for signs say “WC” or “Tuvalet” for the public bathrooms.) Continue reading

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