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Pomegranates and Grapes: Landscapes from my Childhood

When Nuray Aykin’s only son left home for college, she wished to leave him a legacy that would provide insight into how he came to be. In this memoir, she narrates a colorful journey through Turkey and the United States as a mother, businesswoman, gardener, wife, ex-wife,daughter, sister, aunt, and stepmother.

 Pomegranates and Grapes tells stories of her loved ones and describes the places where she spent her childhood—from a little Mediterranean town to the city of Ankara, Turkey’s capital. She recalls her homes in the United States: Buffalo, where cold weather and a new culture posed great challenges; Washington,DC, where their lives were deeply affected by loneliness and illness; and New Jersey, where she ultimately settled and found happiness.

 With wit, Aykin describes bitter moments with a sigh and happy moments with lyrical and delicious descriptions. A tribute to her family, Pomegranates and Grapes shares a memoir to be cherished.

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  1. Stephen Vermette

    I’m writing a book about the weather in WNY. I’m seeking permission to quote your January, 1982 winter experience from your book. I’ve contacted your publisher and they were to convey my request to you.


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