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Nuray Aykin Turkey Travel Blog

Nuray Aykin


My name is Nuray Aykin. I live in Keyport, New Jersey. I was born in Tarsus, Turkey and came to United States to pursue a doctorate in Industrial Engineering. I worked as a professor, consultant, and director at various universities and companies. I am now pursuing my dreams on healthy cooking, gardening an blogging about my beloved country, Turkey.

After completing my book, Pomegranates and Grapes: Landscapes from My Childhood, I got the bug to write about Turkey and about its wonderful landscape, culture, people, and history. I was lucky to spend four months in Turkey in Summer 2014, which helped my memories come alive bigger and better.

I hope you like my Turkey Travel blog and send me comments.  

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11 thoughts on “About

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  2. Mark Ulyseas

    Dear Nuray Aykin,

    I came across your book – Pomegranates and Grapes – the link to Amazon, which was posted by Ozlem Warren whose recipes feature prominently in Live Encounters. We would like to feature you in LE and if you are interested kindly mail me.

    Warm regards
    Mark Ulyseas

  3. Greg Pulz

    Hey Nuray,

    How is everything? I have a question. My wife and I are heading to Iceland this Friday and was wondering what places/things you would recommend. We have some things in mind but would like to hear what you think, as you’ve been there recently. Hope all is well with you and Al.


    1. nurayaykin Post author

      Dear Greg,
      I am not sure how long you will be there visiting. But, the best thing about visiting Iceland is via renting a car or taking a week tour around the island (you can find some tour companies on the internet). My favorite places/activities were: Vikingsashimi Adventure Tour by Sea Tours at Stykkishholmur, Jokulsarlon Glacier lake, walk on the glacier at the national park near the lake, Seydisfjorder (especially driving into the town), taking a ferry to the island across Rejkavik (since I like nature more than the cities), taking the tour of the famous falls (they call it a Golden Circle Tour) and the town of Vik (especially walking on the rugged black sand beach). Still the best thing was stopping anywhere we wanted since the natural beauty was incredible. The only thing I do not recommend is swimming in the blue lagoon. If you go there you can opt to walk around the blue lagoon area and see the little creamy blue waters and puddles around black lava formations. If you have time Flatey Island is adorable, driving in the north area is so different, and taking an inland tour with a tour company is quite impressive. I hope you enjoy your vacation. all the best, Nuray

  4. Malin

    Hello Nuray,
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    1. nurayaykin Post author

      Just let me know what you would like to submit. It cannot be an advertisement. If it is a nice description of a beautiful voyage, I will be happy to publish it. Your gulets look great.

  5. Malin

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  6. Amy Martin

    Hi! I’m looking all over the internet for a recipe for the Macun paste, and your list of ingredients is as close as I’ve found. Do you happen to know the proportions of the recipe?

    1. nurayaykin Post author

      I really don’t have a recipe. When we were kids, we just bought it from the street vendors.


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